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Special Free entrance

《诗巫国际舞蹈节》主办单位为了鼓励学生参与舞蹈节,凡是中学生、学院生、大学生与老师参加舞蹈工作营与讲座,都免费优待。每个工作营限30人参加,先报名先得。有兴趣参加者,请联系084-349932 或是传送英文姓名与身份证号码至011 3844 9932.

For encouraging more students participating in the activities of Sibu International Dance Festival, free entrance of workshop and seminar will be given to secondary school students, undergraduate, and teachers. Each workshop is only available for 30 people. First come first serve basis. Contact 084-349932 or message Name and IC number to 011 3844 9932

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