Drawing Competition Award Ceremony

Open Category – 1st – Hii Qi Feng Open Category – 2nd – Lau Kiew Wei Open Category – 3rd – Chan Xiao Hui Open Category – Consolation – Chan Mun Chee Open Category – Consolation – Kong Chai Ing Open Category – Consolation – Kong Chai Ling Open Category – Consolation – Mary Yong […]


Winners of SIDF 2019 Outdoor Live Drawing Competition

Our panels have picked the winners of SIDF 2019′s outdoor drawing competition! A very big thank you to the judging panels Mr Hung Chaw Wea, Mr Timothy Wong, and Mr Wong Hai Hia. 感谢三位评审:黄长峰,冯朝文,黄海侠的协助,2019诗巫国际舞蹈节画外写生比赛,成绩正式公布。 Open Category 1st – Hii Qi Feng 2nd – Lau Kiew Wei 3rd – Chan Xiao Hui Secondary School Category 1st […]


Special Free entrance

《诗巫国际舞蹈节》主办单位为了鼓励学生参与舞蹈节,凡是中学生、学院生、大学生与老师参加舞蹈工作营与讲座,都免费优待。每个工作营限30人参加,先报名先得。有兴趣参加者,请联系084-349932 或是传送英文姓名与身份证号码至011 3844 9932. For encouraging more students participating in the activities of Sibu International Dance Festival, free entrance of workshop and seminar will be given to secondary school students, undergraduate, and teachers. Each workshop is only available for 30 people. First come first serve basis. Contact 084-349932 or message Name and IC number to […]

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2019 Trailer

SIDF 8th edition will be held on 13-17 August! 詩巫國際舞蹈節2019将于8月13日至17日举行! Edisi ke-8 Pesta Tarian Antarabangsa Sibu akan diadakan pada 13-17 Ogos! Don’t forget to get your tickets for dance concert online 別忘了上网订购晚会入场券票哦! Dapatkan tiket anda sekarang melalui online! Ticket link 票鏈接 Pautan tiket: http://sidfestival.com/tickets-2019 Follow us! We’ll do live streaming at Instagram! 关注我们的Instagram! 我们会做live播放! Ikuti […]


2019 Scenery Painting Competition

《第八届(2019)诗巫国际舞蹈节》戶外演出即景绘画比赛   1. 目的: a. 配合《第八届(2019)诗巫国际舞蹈节》而举办的系列活动之一 b. 激发学生对绘画的想象力和创造力,以及提升绘画与审美水平 c. 为舞蹈与绘画打造一个互动性的国际交流平台 2. SIDF 绘画比赛的场合 a. 主题:以《诗巫国际舞蹈节》户外演出的舞者与景象为主 b. 日期:2019 年 8 月 14 日(星期三)     时间:下午 4 点 到 7 点 (三小时)     地点:诗巫文化遗产中心 c. 性质:     水彩 (公开组及中学组)     粉蜡笔 (小学组) d. 组别:     i. 小学低年组(1年级 – 3年级)     ii. 小学高年组(4年级 – 6年级)     iii. 中学组 […]

Gateway signboard

Early Bird Tickets 2019

第八屆詩巫國際舞蹈節 Sibu International Dance Festival 2019 舞蹈晚會票券 DANCE CONCERT TICKET TIKET KONSERT TARIAN @诗巫民众会堂 Civic Centre, Sibu Dewan Suarah Sibu 早鸟票價分兩種:20令吉(普通票)和50令(VIP票)早鸟票现在开始,至7月28日止。; 票價分兩種:30令吉(普通票)和60令(VIP票)。您可通過這份表格訂購以下票卷: 1. 13/08/2019 (星期二) — 第八屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈开幕晚會 2. 15/08/2019 (星期四) — 第八屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 3. 16/08/2019 (星期五) — 第八屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 4. 17/08/2019 (星期六) — 第八屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 詳情可致電電犀江舞蹈團 084-349932。 Early Bird Ticket Price: RM20 (Normal) & RM50 (VIP) Early bird […]


Volunteer Recruitment Second Call

Event held from August 13 to August 17 2019 Volunteer application second call to be closed on 20th July 2019 Contact us for more info: Hornland Dance Theatre 084-349932 Email: hornland@hotmail.com Official website: http://sidfestival.com Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SibuInternationalDanceFestival Submit your application now