The Saison Foundation, Japan

We would like to thank The Saison Foundation from Japan to bring in the fabulous dance artists of N°3355 to take part in the Sibu International Dance Festival 2022. We are really impressed by their wonderful, figurative performance, and their informative workshop.


Welcome our groups!

Let’s welcome the first two groups – Tean Vibe World Wide, Philippines & Sekolah Seni Perak, Malaysia to Sibu International Dance Festival 欢迎首先抵达的两支团队!

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这根本是国际水准!Ah Kiat想从大妈广场舞跳槽了。。 國際舞蹈節分別在來臨的6月10-11號兩天,7:30pm, 在诗巫民众会堂,兩天節目都不一樣, 每張票價為RM50,欲知更多詳情可以到 Sibu International Dance Festival – Jejak Angin 2022 第9届诗巫国际舞蹈节 欲知更多免費獲得入門票活動詳情, 可以到 Ah Kiat facebook


Warmest Welcome

Warmest welcome to the dance artists from the world to Sibu International Dance Festival June 9-11,2022. 隆重推介即将在《诗巫国际舞蹈节》隆重登场的舞蹈嘉宾!


SIDF Program Schedule

看过来! 第9届《诗巫国际舞蹈节》舞蹈节节目表出炉了! SIDF Program Schedule for Dance Concert, Outdoor Performance, Dance Workshop and Dance Seminar (09-11 JUNE 2022)


Press Conference

Thank you Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak! Press Conference of Sibu International Dance Festival – Jejak Angin 2022 was held on the 10th May 2022 at RH Hotel, Sibu by Hornland Dance Theatre. The 9th Edition of Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF)  is supported by Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and […]



来自海里的消息。。。《诗巫国际舞蹈节》6月9日至11日隆重登场 # 舞蹈晚会–6月10日与11日,7:30pm 诗巫民众会堂 上网购票 http://sidfestival.com/early-bird-promotion/ # 户外演出–6月11日,11:30am 诗巫中央市场第3个入口处 (免费观赏, 请佩戴口罩) Message from the Sea …… Sibu International Dance Festival Sibu International Dance Festival June 9 to 11, 2022 # Dance Concert – June 10 & 11, 2022. 7:30pm AT Sibu Civic Centre Tickets sales online http://sidfestival.com/early-bird-promotion/ # Outdoor Performance June 11, 2022/ 11:30am/ AT […]

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Early Bird Promotion

Dance Concert KONSERT TARIAN 舞蹈晚会 (10/6, 11/6) Venue TEMPAT 地点: Civic Centre DEWAN SUARAH 民众会堂 – Normal ticket early bird price (10/5-25/5) RM35 *VIP ticket don’t have an early bird promotion 早鸟票 ( 10/5-25/5) 为RM 35 *贵宾卷不包括 Konsert Tarian (10/6, 11/6) – Promosi tempahan awal tiket biasa (10/5-25/5) RM35 *Tiada harga tempahan awal untuk tiket […]

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Steps of the Wind……trails of the wind……trace of the wind…… 風的足跡。。。風的軌跡。。。。。風踪舞跡。。。。