SIDF 2017 Seminar Timetable

Seminar Timetable and Details Date Time Code Topic Speaker Description Medium Aug 30 09:30am – 10:10am S01 DANCE AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Tang Wai kit (Singapore) A discussion on how dance can be a tool to engage the society by sharing about the various community engagement projects in Singapore. English 10:10am – 10:50am S02 DANCE & […]

SIDF 2017 Gateway Billboard

Tickets 2017

第六屆詩巫國際舞蹈節 Sibu International Dance Festival 2017 舞蹈晚會票券 DANCE CONCERT TICKET TIKET KONSERT TARIAN 票價分兩種:50令吉和25令。您可通過這份表格訂購以下票卷: 1. 30/08/2017 (星期三) — 第六屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 2. 01/09/2017 (星期五) — 第六屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 3. 02/09/2017 (星期六) — 第六屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 詳情可致電電犀江舞蹈團 084-349932。 Ticket Price:RM25 & RM50, you may make reservation for the following performances: 1. 30/08/2017 (Wed) — Sibu International Dance Festival 2017 Dance Concert 2. […]

SIDF 2017 Vollunteer Recruitment Ad

2017 SIDF Volunteer Recruitment

Event held from August 29 to September 2 2017 Volunteer application closed on 4 August 2017 Contact us for more info: Hornland Dance Theatre 084-349932 Email: hornland@hotmail.com Official website: http://sidfestival.com Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SibuInternationalDanceFestival Submit your application now


Sibu International Dance Festival 2017

Sibu International Dance Festival 2017 (SIDF 2017) now opens for application. SIDF 2017 initiated by Hornland Dance Theatre in 2012. Every year there were participants from more than 10 countries and regions coming over for this festival. We are welcoming the participants from the world again for the 6th edition in Aug 29-Sept 2, 2017. […]


SIDF 2017 Opens For Application

Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF) was first initiated and organized by the Hornland Dance Theatre in Sibu, Malaysia. In year 2012, it launched its first debut concert with the acknowledgement and support of the Sibu Municipal Council, Malaysia. It aims to hold as an annual event in mid-term school holiday of the second half semester […]



In conjuction of Sibu International Dance Festival 2016 Outdoor Site-specific Performance the Outdoor Life-Drawing Competition on the dance performance was held at the same time in Ku Tien Memorial Park, Sibu. The competition divided into Primary School 1-3 Year Group, Primary School 4-6 Years Group, Secondary School Group, and Adult Group. The panel included Hung […]


SIDF 2016 Dance Concert

SIDF 2016 Dance Concert on Sept 10 Photo Collection 詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會精彩圖片 Photography by Yokit Teo Yong Kiat


SIDF 2016 Welcoming Night

Sibu International Dance Festival 2016 Welcoming Night 2016詩巫國際舞蹈節歡迎晚會 The fifth edition of Sibu International Dance Festival was officially opened on Welcoming Night which was held on September 9 8pm at RH Hotel, Sibu. 2016詩巫國際舞蹈節於9月9日晚上8點在常青酒店舉行的歡迎晚會,正式揭幕! Festival tarian antarabangsa sibu 2016 dirasmikan semasa malam sambutan pada 8am,September 9 di RH Hotel.


Program of SIDF 2016

9月9,一起來迎接《詩巫國際舞蹈節》! Let’s welcome SIDF 2016 on 99 ! Marilah menyambut SIDF 2016 pada 99! 詩巫國際舞蹈節節目行程表。 Come and check the run down program of SIDF 2016. Datanglah lihat acara SIDF 2016.