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第五屆詩巫國際舞蹈節,《舞蹈晚會》票券每張RM25,已經開始發售。 Ticket to Dance Concert RM25 each available at: 1. Rejang Book Store 拉让书局 084-313036 2. Payung Café 016 890 6061 3. Wen Hua Bookstore 文华书局 084-333140 4. Sugarbun (Jalan Pedada Branch) 084-311770 5. Syarikat Great Wall 长城文具 084-310481 6. Yours Stationery & Trading S/B 开通文具 084-330281 Dance Concert online booking, please go to: […]


Borneo Cultural Festival 2016

Mountain Wind premiered at Borneo Cultural Festival 2016 on 30/7. 《山里女人》7月30日在2016婆羅洲文化節首演 攝影phtography by Yokit Studio        

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舞蹈晚會票券 DANCE CONCERT TICKET TIKET KONSERT TARIAN 票價分兩種:50令吉和25令。您可通過這份表格訂購以下票卷: 1. 10/ 9 /2016(星期六) — 第五屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 2. 11 / 9 /2016 (星期日) — 第五屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會 3. 12/ 9 /2016 (星期一) — 第五屆詩巫國際舞蹈節舞蹈晚會。 詳情可致電電犀江舞蹈團 084-349932。 Ticket Price:RM25 & RM50, you may make reservation for the following performances: 1. 10/ 9 /2016 (Sat) — Sibu International Dance Festival 2016 Dance […]


Creative Folk Dance Competition

The Philippines Dance Workshop & Creative Folk Dance Competition 創意民族舞蹈比賽 Date: June 5-10, 2016 Time: 10am-12pm Venue: Hornland Dance Studio Registration fee: RM60 per person Competition Date 日期: June 11, 2016 Time 時間: 7:30pm Venue 地點: Sibu Esplanade, Sibu 詩巫江濱公園 Organizer: Hornland Dance Theatre, Sibu Competition Deposit: RM200 per group Deadline: May 28, 2016 Brief […]


SIDF 2016 Outdoor site-specific location

KUTIEN MEMORIAL GARDEN, SIBU Adopting the Bukit Lima Garden at Jalan Lanang in 2003, the Sibu Kutien Association transformed it into the Kutien Memorial Park, a picturesque park for leisurely and recreational activities as well as a venue to learn about the association’s history and historical events. Click here for more gallery.

SIDF 2016 Online

2016 SIDF Open For Application

Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF) was first initiated and organized by the Hornland Dance Theatre, Sibu. In year 2012, it launched its first debut concert with the acknowledgement and support of the Sibu Municipal Council, Malaysia. It aims to hold as an annual event in mid-term school holiday of the second half semester of Malaysia […]


SIDF 2015 Dance Concert

11支团队为诗巫国际舞蹈节最后一夜呈现精彩的演出。演出的团队有: 秘哈拉表演艺术中心、美国科恩苏镇舞蹈团、斯里兰卡青年舞蹈团、日本木原由香舞蹈团、新山宽柔中学舞蹈团、新加坡管理学院舞蹈团、香港旅艺团、台湾三十舞蹈剧场、新加坡新艺舞团、韩国创意舞蹈团以及菲律宾大学青年舞蹈团。 感谢民众的热情参与, 我们明年见! 11 teams had presented 13 different dance pieces on the final concert of SIDF 2015. They are: Vehaara Arts, Malaysia; COHAN/ SUZEAU Dance Company, USA; Youth Dance Ensemble of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka; Kota and Yoshika, Japan; Foon Yew High School (J.B.) Dance Society, Malaysia; Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Dance […]


SIDF 2015 International Dance Concert

Sibu International Dance Festival International Dance Concert will start tonight. Tonight we have: Foon Few High School (J.B.) Dance Society, Johor; University of the Philippines Dance Company; Movement Collective, Singapore; Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Dance Art; Sasang Fringe, Korea; Grisadha, Indonesia; Sun-Shier Dance Theatre, Taiwan; Xin Yi Dance Troupe, Singapore, present 11 dances, including […]