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2014 Dance Concert Ticket Outlets

18 groups will be performed in the 3-night Dance Concert. The 3-night program are different.

Dance Concert Ticket Outlets:

1. 拉让书局
Tel: 084-313036
2. Payung Café
20F Lanang Road, Sibu
Behind Kingwood Hotel
Tel: 016 890 6061
3. Wen Hua Bookstore 文华书局
No. 8, 1-3rd Floor, Rammin Way, Sibu
Tel: 084-333140
4. Sugarbun (Jalan Pedada Branch)
Next to Delta Mall
Tel: 084-311770
5. 裕昌百货Yu Chioing Foodstuffs Distributors Sdn Bhd
Highland, Upper Lanang,
Tel: 084-213535
6. 长城文具Syarikat Great Wall
圣心中学对面Opposite of SMK Sacred Heart
Tel: 084-310481
7. 开通文具Kai Tong Stationary
救火局对面Opposite of Bomba
Tel: 084-330281
8. Grilled Cafe
Hp: 016 870 7600
9. 美好旅行社Great Holiday Travel Sdn Bhd
Tel: 084-348196
10. Powerfill Enterprise
alan Lanang Barat
南兰油站 Upper Lanang
11. 新源昌贸易
Tel: 084-334898

Early Bird Promotion/ RM20
(valid till 30 April 2014 only available at Hornland Dance Theatre)


Contact/ 084-349932 Hornland Dance Theatre 犀江舞蹈团

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