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# 舞蹈晚会–6月10日与11日,7:30pm 诗巫民众会堂
上网购票 http://sidfestival.com/early-bird-promotion/
# 户外演出–6月11日,11:30am 诗巫中央市场第3个入口处
(免费观赏, 请佩戴口罩)
Message from the Sea …… Sibu International Dance Festival Sibu International Dance Festival June 9 to 11, 2022
# Dance Concert – June 10 & 11, 2022. 7:30pm AT Sibu Civic Centre
Tickets sales online http://sidfestival.com/early-bird-promotion/
# Outdoor Performance
June 11, 2022/ 11:30am/ AT Sibu Central Market Gate 3.
Free entrance with mask.
Special thanks to:
David Pang Ing Ho,
Xiao Gui Chai.
Burger Dive Team.


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