Loka Art Studio (LAS), Indonesia

Indonesia, Loka Art Studio (LAS)

LAS is a dance school founded by Scholastica W. Pribadi, a young Indonesian dancer and choreographer who has a passion to work towards preserving and teaching Indonesian traditional dances. LAS became a dance studio officially recorded by notary on 27 July 2014. It aims to teach young children from rural and low income areas to love and learn traditional dances. To date, it has 115 students and more than 25 artists supporting the work, and performing in many major performances both locally and internationally, such as in India, Cambodia, China, Korea and HongKong.
洛卡舞蹈團由司可拉斯提卡於2014年7月27日所創辦。她致力於保存與發揚印尼傳統舞蹈。該團主要是教導來自鄉下收入低微家庭的孩子學習傳統舞蹈。至 今,該團有百多位學生,同時有超過25位的教師參與教學。 該團多次在國內與國外演出,例如曾到過印度、柬埔寨、中國、韓國與香港演出。