Lee Wushu Arts Theatre, Malaysia

Malaysia, Lee Wushu Arts Theatre

以“武术也是艺术”为理念,于1998年创立李劲松武艺坊,将武术跳脱旧有框架,迈入艺术新领域。为朝向艺术专业化发展,2009年初正式成立武舞 艺术坊,透过武术的视觉张力与肢体美学,结合舞蹈、戏剧、多媒体等多元艺术,创作出多部经典武舞系列作品,体现内在的精神涵义,展现“力与美”并重的发展 基础。


With develop ‘Wushu as an arts’, Lee Wushu Arts Theatre founded on 1998 with strive on create Wushu in varies aspect in combination of dance, drama, multimedia effect etc. Progress in incorporate martial arts into performing arts, thereafter set up Lee Wushu Arts Workshop in 2009. With choreograph series of martial dance masterpiece in presenting Malaysia’s premier of visual and physical aesthetic of performing troupe. These unions create new multi-dimensional in theatre and blend cultural and lifestyle in creative manner, emphasizing both strength and grace.


Lee Wushu