Ivan Chan and Sudhee Liao, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Ivan Chan and Sudhee Liao

Ivan Chan from Hong Kong and Sudhee Liao from Singapore met while in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, they received a grant from Hong Kong Arts Development Council and came together to choreograph their first full length which was premiered in Hong Kong, 2015. This work came a long way since then, they have also showed excerpts in The City University of Hong Kong. Their aim is to tour Not Yet / To Forget, bringing it all around the world during a 10-year time frame.


《不曾/忘記》是由香港編舞陳俊瑋與新加坡編舞廖月敏聯手創作。兩人相識於香港演藝學院;畢業後獲得香港藝術發展局「計劃資助」,從而開始創作首個演出。 《不曾/忘記》於2015年1月首次在牛棚藝術村公演,其後亦被邀請到香港城市大學作選段分享。兩人致力於十年時間中,把其作品帶到世界不同角落,不斷發 展,不斷延伸⋯⋯直到一天,回到香港。


Ivan & Sudhee