Dance Concert 30/08/2017

The first night 30/8 dance concert of Sibu International Dance Festival, come and review the fantastic performance.

今晚1/9与明晚2/9,在诗巫民众会堂的演出,网上订购已经停止,保留部分票券(RM50与RM25) 在入口处出售。6点开始出售,想看就尽快早到,先到先得!7:30pm正式开演,迟到者肯定被挡在门外,必须等到中场休息,才可以入场。
Online tickets to the dance concert already stopped. Certain number of tickets (RM50 and RM25) will be reserved at the entrance. First come first serve, start selling at 6pm.
The show will be started at 7:30pm sharply. Late comers will only be allowed to enter the audience seats after 20 minutes.

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