Outdoor Site-Specific Performance
14/08/2019, Wed 星期三 5:00pm
Free Entrance

Heritage Centre, Sibu 诗巫文化遗产中心
Outdoor Site-specific Performance, 户外演出
(14/08/2019, Wednesday 星期三 5:00pm – 7:00pm)

No Country Group Title Duration (mins) Music Source Venue
1 Colombia 哥伦比亚 Crescent Moon “Luna Creciente Juvenil” 新月舞蹈团 Whirlwind of the Chicha 6 area under the shadeshed
2 China 中国 Peng Yu Contemporary Dance 彭宇当代舞团 Grandma’s leg 奶奶个腿 5 剪辑音乐
3 Philippines 菲律宾 La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary 拉萨尔舞蹈团 Lucent 10 heritage mini hall / central market
4 Malaysia 马来西亚 Foon Yew Dance Society 柔佛新山宽柔中学舞蹈团 The Bloom 绽放 6 Grassland In front of the Entrance
5 Japan 日本 TABATHA 塔叭踏 My Mexico 我的墨西哥 15 the entrance
6 Thailand 泰国 Music and Performing Arts, Chiang Mai University 泰国清迈大学音乐与表演艺术中心 Kuwang Salee Spirit and Voice of Nature 10 Recording and Live Vocal area under the shadeshed
7 Indonesia 印尼 Kinnara Kinnari Dance Community 风采舞蹈团 Tayub Dance 10
8 Taiwan 台湾 Liao Mo-Hsi Dance Theater 廖末喜舞蹈劇場 Dance of Magpie 喜鵲之舞 7 迎風舞Dance of The Breeze-太鼓祭2 area under the shadeshed
9 India 印度 ALOK KUMAR PANDA & TROUPE 亚咯库玛班达舞蹈团 The 3 Varieties of Sambalpuri Dance 18 live signboard area