Experimental Theatre
14/08/2019, Wed 星期三 3:00pm

Heritage Centre, Sibu 诗巫文化遗产中心
Experimental Theatre 试验剧场
(14/08/2019, Wednesday 星期三 3:00pm – 4:00pm)

No Country Group Title Duration (mins) Music Source
1 Taiwan 台湾 Ping-Shadow Dance Theatre 萍影舞集 ‘Moon blocks’ 聖筊 5
2 China 中国 Body and Field Guerrillas 身场游击队 Daughter《女儿》 9 1.自制录制音频 Homemade recorded audio
2.格尔《隐形的翅膀》 Invisible wings by gerr
3 USA 美国 COHAN/SUZEAU Dance Company 科汉苏震舞蹈团 The Guest House 10 commissioned score (CD)
4 USA 美国 Britta Joy Peterson 彼得逊舞团 And Now, or Hold Me 20 “Listen to the Storm” by Puppet, “Moretown Hop” by Noam Pikelny, “Happy Days are Here Again” by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen, “Liebstraum No. 3” by Franz Lizt performed by Evgeny Kissin
5 Philippines 菲律宾 La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary 拉萨尔舞蹈团 Monologo 10