Workshop, RH Hotel
14/08/2019 – 16/08/2019


ROOM 1 1. 技术课+即兴开 发
(120 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 14/08/2019 9:30am-11:30am
Chinese 彭宇 [彭宇当代舞团 Peng Yu Contemporary Dance]
即兴0基础 技术课有舞蹈基础
彭宇技术课是根据自己的积累形成的一套课 程,会在舞蹈节分享 1-2 个技术课组合,彭 宇即兴课程:是在接触即兴和即兴为理论基 础,融合了拉班的理论,建立起来的,它透 过身体接触互动产生千变万化的动作,着重 于身心的沟通,以开放的心态来探索身体的 创造力。而即兴开发肢体的可能性,和包容 性,对舞者和零基础的都可以,可以让心和 身体建立起身体的一种沟通很好,很有趣的 一种方式
ROOM 2 2. Beams of Balance (100 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 14/08/2019 9:30am-11:10am
English Pontus Sundset, [VIRPI PAHKINEN DANCE COMPANY], SWEDEN Not for total beginners. Age from 15 years and older.
The warming-up session is based on Virpi Pahkinen ́s own mix of yoga and contemporary dance techniques.The focus is on building up the core strength and wakening up the subtle coordination. The gentle acrobatic exercises offer challenge and joy for exploring the body. The ronde de jambes en l ́air will not be practised by the ballet barre but low on the floor, the tendus are combined with mudras (yoga postures for hands).

After technique session we will do some parts of Virpi ́s choreographic repertory: a blue legged spider from Morpho Z, and silhouttes from Deep Time.

We would need 2-3 dance students who are capable and willing to join to participate Virpi Pahkinen Company dance performance.

ROOM 1 3. Let’s Dance!!! (90 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 15/08/2019 9:30am-11am
English 岡本優 / Yu Okamoto, [TABATHA], JAPAN Please come with clothes that are easy to move.
Based on the work of TABATHA, let’s all move freely and be open-minded! There is a stretch, a little choreography.
ROOM 2 4. Modern Jazz Workshop
(90 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 15/08/2019 9:30am-11am
English Peter Alcedo Jr., [La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary], PHILIPPINES Comfortable dance wear
The delegation is proposing to conduct a Modern Jazz dance class/workshop to the interested delegates of the festival. This style of Jazz dance is based on the pedagogy of Mr. Douglas Nierras who is the leading teacher and choreographer in jazz and creative dance in the Philippines. This style is informally called Philippine Jazz Dance and marries different styles from Tremaine, Giordano, to Fosse as well as with different modern dance techniques by modern dance revolutionaries, Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey.

The class is divided into 5 segments; the warm up, the barre exercises with left and right combos, the floor exercises, across-the-floor exercises, and the class dance combo (upbeat and/or adagio.)

This class will be taught by Mr. Peter Alcedo, Jr., who was part of Mr. Nierras’ company and schools, and has been practicing the style for almost 20 years.

ROOM 3 5. Dalkhai, Sambalpuri Tribal dance
(60 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 15/08/2019 9:30am-10:30am
English Alok Kumar Panda, [ALOK KUMAR PANDA & TROUPE], INDIA Wear loose outfit and bring a cloth for use as a belt.
We’ll learn about the steps, body movement, performing, history and synopsis of the dance.
ROOM 3 6. Collaboration between Popping Dance and Indonesian Traditional Dance in Motion
(60 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 15/08/2019 10:30am-11:30am
English Lian Saputra and I Nyoman Agus Triyuda,
• Age of participants over 18 years old.
• Wear comfortable training clothes (Do not use jeans for training).
• For women, please tie your hair neatly to avoid disturb your movement during class.
This workshop will be taught by both choreographers from “Aku – Kamu”, named Lian Saputra and I Nyoman Agus Triyuda.  The contents will be given about the collaboration between popping and one of Indonesian’s motifs traditional dance in motion, such as Bali and Java.

For the choreographer, Lian Saputra, who learn popping technique since his childhood, often tries to know more about traditional dance. Whereas, I Nyoman Agus Triyuda, who learn Balinese dance technique, often triens to know more about modern dance technique, such as popping dance.

Both Lian Saputra and I Nyoman Triyuda collaborate and share their own techniques, which finally made their dance called “Aku – Kamu”, which tells about their differences, but if they combined, it will be a unique creation of body in motion.

In this workshop, they want to introduce both their body exploration so far, collaboration between Balinese motifs and Javanese motifs motions, between popping dance motions by the two choreographers.

ROOM 1 7. contemporary dance courses
(90 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 16/08/2019 9:30am-11am
English/ Chinese Dominique Feng-Hsi Yen 顏鳳曦,
[Feng Dance Company 風乎舞雩 跨領域創作聚團], TAIWAN
Have basic contemporary or modern dance training
Releasing technique for floor and center exercise.  Describing movement momentum through combinations exercise.
ROOM 2 8. Contemporary Forms
(120 minutes)
DATE & TIME: 16/08/2019 9:30am-11:30am
English Britta Joy Peterson, [Britta Joy Peterson], USA Prior experience in contemporary dance, and working at a professional or pre-professional level.
Ignite the physical and cultivate the conceptual in a contemporary practice that involves technical rigor, artistic clarity, rhythmic acuity, improvisational research, and somatic awareness.

We will start on the floor (centering, warming, welcoming), press through the space (traveling, spiraling, harnessing momentum), and culminate with phrases that push performance and perseverance. We will invest in the fullness of our bodies, test our relationship with gravity, play with the edges of musicality, and cultivate detail within instinct. Together, we seek to bolden our individual voices while honing ensemble awareness.