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Painting Competition Result


Secondary School Category
1st Place- Faustina Siaw Yen Lu
2nd Place- Christy Kong Ing Chee
3rd Place- Hii Qi Feng
Consolation Prizes:
-Wendy Hii Zhi Ting
-Sophia Yu Jia Ying
-Elvira Wong Yin Hee
-Cindy Wong Yu Xin
-Greenie Tie Hao Shan

Primary School Category
Lower Primary:
1st Place- Koh Qian Hua
2nd Place- Jordan Wong Tiing Hin
3rd Place- Emilia Tie Tze Rong
Consolation Prizes:
-Elroi Yong Tian Kian
-Liu Mee Zhu
-Evangeline Tie Tze Hui
-Jotham Ling Hon Heng
-Renee Yii Qian Rui

Upper Primary:
1st Place- Tiong Zhi Yuan
2nd Place- Jeslin Wong Tiing Em
3rd Place- Tang Shou Chee
Consolation Prizes:
-Jessica Mok Siew Fen
-Lau Jaw Shin
-Connie Ling Siew Jin
-Emilia Kong Ing Xin
-Wong Xiu Seng

Public Category
1st Place- Lau Kiew Wei
2nd Place- Chan Xiao Hui
3rd Place- Chan Mun Chee
Consolation prizes:
-Kong Chai Ling
-Kong Chai Ing

Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see you all at our next event again. Thank you everyone for joining~


Consolation Prize 2- Kong Chai Ing
(open category 公开组)



Consolation Prize 1- Kong Chai Ling
(open category 公开组) 41092926_2068342806531750_2499015120470933504_o


3rd Prize- Chan Mun Chee
(open category 公开组) 41286858_2068342683198429_5848744699707260928_o


2nd Prize- Chan Xiao Hui
(open category 公开组) 41355615_2068342649865099_4364575727887056896_o


1st Prize- Lau Kiew Wei
(open category 公开组) 41188847_2068342699865094_5713144683727683584_o


Consolation prize 5- Sophia Yu Jia Ying
(secondary school category 中学组) 41013842_2068337729865591_3716207726875901952_o


Consolation prize 4- Cindy Wong Yu Lin
(secondary school category 中学组) 41171199_2068337976532233_8607535445288419328_o


Consolation prize 3- Greenie Tie Hao Shan
(secondary school category 中学组) 41295331_2068337596532271_3602351476753563648_o


Consolation prize 2- Elvira Wong Yin Hee
(secondary school category 中学组) 41084818_2068337499865614_7863817632707772416_o


Consolation prize 1- Wendy Hii Zhi Ting
(secondary school category 中学组) 41058158_2068337929865571_940779085443891200_o


3rd Prize- Hii Qi Feng
(secondary school category 中学组) 41280724_2068337606532270_2094837884505817088_o


2nd Prize- Christy Kong Ing Chee
(secondary school category 中学组) 41141828_2068337813198916_6566622163674071040_o


1st Prize- Faustina Siaw Yen Lu
(secondary school category 中学组) 41215959_2068337833198914_3394466452512702464_o


Consolation prize 5- Jessica Mok Siew Fen
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41026249_2068325063200191_6782125132753141760_o


Consolation prize 4- Emilia Kong Ing Xin
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41320119_2068325489866815_3585742799565225984_o


Consolation prize 3- Connie Ling Siew Jin
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41101904_2068325936533437_4933376075305582592_o


Consolation prize 2- Wong Xiu Seng
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41215890_2068325296533501_354101198648770560_o


Consolation prize 1- Lau Jaw Shin
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41113252_2068324993200198_1734423229960814592_o


3rd Place- Tang Shou Chee
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41101859_2068325999866764_6645664108974702592_o


2nd Place- Jeslin Wong Tiing Em
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41326779_2068325733200124_100532917972762624_o


1st Prize- Tiong Zhi Yuan
(upper primary category 小学高年组) 41190784_2068326009866763_2643106677636726784_o

Consolation prize 5- Elroi Yong Tian Kian
(lower primary category 小学低年组)



Consolation prize 4- Evangeline Tie Tze Hui
(lower primary category 小学低年组) 41257830_2068325199866844_8031964812072189952_o

Consolation prize 3- Lui Mee Zhu
(lower primary category 小学低年组)



Consolation prize 2- Jotham Ling Hon Heng
(lower primary category 小学低年组) 41158197_2068325543200143_4717764735611699200_o


Consolation prize 1- Renne Yii Qian Rui
(lower primary category 小学低年组) 41111502_2068325189866845_5128048487358791680_o

3rd Place- Emilia Tie Tze Rong
(lower primary category 小学低年组)


2nd Place- Jordan Wong Tiing Hin
(lower primary category 小学低年组) 41046555_2068324983200199_3351543885091307520_o


1st Place- Koh Qian Hua
(lower primary category 小学低年组) 40752491_2068324913200206_2801029262151254016_o

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