2019 SIDF Volunteer Recruitment

Event held from August 13 to August 17 2019 Volunteer application to be closed on 20th June 2019 Contact us for more info: Hornland Dance Theatre 084-349932 Email: hornland@hotmail.com Official website: http://sidfestival.com Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SibuInternationalDanceFestival Submit your application now

Hornland 2019 FB01

SIDF 2019 Open for application

English 中文    http://sidfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/10000000_286032732032218_8540071942044393209_n.mp4 Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF) was first initiated and organized by Hornland Dance Theatre in Sibu, Malaysia. In year 2012, it launched its first debut concert with the acknowledgement and support of the Sibu Municipal Council, Malaysia. Now it is aimed to be held as an annual event during mid-term school […]


Painting Competition Result

OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE SCENERY PAINTING COMPETITION 2018 RESULT Secondary School Category 1st Place- Faustina Siaw Yen Lu 2nd Place- Christy Kong Ing Chee 3rd Place- Hii Qi Feng Consolation Prizes: -Wendy Hii Zhi Ting -Sophia Yu Jia Ying -Elvira Wong Yin Hee -Cindy Wong Yu Xin -Greenie Tie Hao Shan Primary School Category Lower Primary: 1st […]


SIDF Mini Theatre #2

24/08/2018 Mini theatre with Jin Huang & Siao Tong (CHINA), Beijing Yilin Chenfeng Cultural Communication Centre (CHINA), Solar Site Dance Theatre (TAIWAN) & Co. Kurumi Toji (JAPAN) 迷你剧场- 中国金黄与小彤,北京艺林晨风团扇舞蹈传习中心,台湾索拉舞蹈空間 与 日本田路紅瑠美舞蹈团 Photos: courtesy to Yong Kiat Teo   SIDF 2018 Moments  


Painted Skin in Rehearsal

《画皮》今晚24/8 于诗巫民众会堂7:30pm演出,一个小时。幕后工作人员用了一天一夜进行准备工作,就为让超过200粒的灯笼能在演出中起落,为了让大片的布帘在演出中营造特殊效果,错过了今晚的演出,你会失落的。 The highlighted one-hour dance drama “Painted Skin” will be performed at 7:30pm at Sibu Civic Centre on the 24/8 tonight. The staffs behind the scenes spent one day and one night to prepare for the work. In order to let more than 200 lanterns rise and fall in the performance and to make […]


SIDF 2018 Moments

Sibu International Dance Festival 2018 Pesta Tarian Antarabangsa Sibu 2018 2018 诗巫国际舞蹈节 Aug 21-25, 2018 SIDF 2018 Moments


Participants arrival

20/8 今早迎来了两位来自北京的舞者,也是最先抵达的舞者–金黄与小彤 The very first two participants of SIDF 2018, Jinhuang & Xiaotong arrived today 20/8   We welcome GUNA MUSIC & THEATRE CLUB from South Gondar, Ethiopia to Malaysia!! Warmest welcome~   Pancer Langiit Troupe from Indonesia~! We welcome you to Malaysia~   Dark Circles Contemporary Dance from South Korea! We welcome you to […]


welcome to SIDF 2018

Sibu International Dance Festival 2018 Pesta Tarian Antarabangsa Sibu 2018 2018 诗巫国际舞蹈节 Aug 21-25, 2018    

Yang Arts China

SIDF 2018 Line Up

2018<诗巫国际舞蹈节>即将登场 ! 来,看看有哪些演出团队! Sibu International Dance Festival will be held in Sibu, Malaysia on August 21-25, 2018.  Come and see who are the performance groups? Pesta Tarian Antarabangsa Sibu akan diadakan di Sibu, Malaysia pada 21-25 Ogos 2018.  Mari dan lihat siapakah penari-penari yang akan mempersembahkan tarian pada tahun ini~