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The First 60-minute Dance Drama

The First 60-minute Dance Drama in Sibu International Dance Festival
24/8/2018 7:30pm @ Sibu Civic Centre

全男班舞剧 All male Dance Drama
东南亚首演Premier In Southeast Asia

《画皮》Painted Skin


Painted Skin is one of the best stories from Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio. It satirizes the way in which people are adept at “painting skins” for themselves, dressing themselves up with an appealing exterior while hiding a debased soul within. Like the story that satirizes people, this performance seeks a less-traveled path at the same time that it takes the story back to its essence. The wife is cast as the main character and is combined with the character of the malicious ghost. The same male actor plays both roles. The malicious ghost is borne out of the turns of the wife’s mind: her lack of faith gives rise to the ghost that torments her husband, and her repentance is also capable of raising her husband back from the dead. This symbolic deconstruction of the story makes the performance a novel visual experience and creates endless possibilities for the imagination. The allure of the Eastern aesthetic lies in being in the space between multiple possibilities and identities: is the good wife a malicious ghost, or is the malicious ghost the good wife? This structure, akin to an optical illusion that switches back and forth, conveys the essence of the work and an Eastern concept of beauty.

你是世界上的另一个我 You are the other one in the world.
你是我所不敢面对的我 You are i can not face me.
每个人心里有都有一朵妖艳怒放的恶之花 Everyone has a flirtatious flower of evil.

Yang Hai Long Dance Drama

The 17th China Shanghai International Arts Festival “to support young artists plan” commissioned works
National Art Foundation 2015 Youth Art Talent Creative Talent
2015 Beijing autumn season outstanding performance works
2015 China’s new dance drama box office top ten
2016 National Art Fund Dance Project
2016 The first Chinese Spring Art Festival
2016 Beijing Theater Operations Service Platform Excellent repertoire Finalist works
网上订票Tickets RM30/RM60 at http://sidfestival.com/tickets-2018/
Contact: 084-349 932/ 011 3844 9932

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