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SIDF 2017 Seminar Timetable

Seminar Timetable and Details

Date Time Code Topic Speaker Description Medium
Aug 30 09:30am – 10:10am S01 DANCE AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Tang Wai kit (Singapore) A discussion on how dance can be a tool to engage the society by sharing about the various community engagement projects in Singapore. English
10:10am – 10:50am S02 DANCE & CAMERA Itsaso A Cano, Miguel Perez (Spain) Will talk about different exercises to understand the keys in the audiovisual ways and to explore the possibility in making dance video. English
10:50am – 11:30am S03 MAKE ART A HABIT Zarina Mendoza Orduno, Marilu Aguilar Moreno (Mexico) As artists, we need to make art a habit in our lives. We need to not only create art, but consume art, share art, see art, and practice art. English
Liu Qi 劉琦 (China) Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC), mainland China’s first professional modern dance company.Will share the growing experience of GMDC in the last 25 years with friends of Sibu International Dance Festival. English and Chinese
10:30am – 11:30am S05 索拉舞蹈空間以跨領域創作找尋新的可能性 SOLAR SITE DANCE THEATRE WORKS IN A CROSS-DISCIPLINARY WAY TO DISCOVER NEW POSSIBILITIES PAN TA-CHIEN 潘大謙 (Taiwan) 索拉舞蹈空間近年來以“跨領域”的形式創作,期待作品能碰撞出火花及發展新的可能性,使其成為新世界裡技術操作的新論述或新的實踐。視覺藝術家潘大謙自2013年開始,將其身為藝術家概念性關心的議題到與舞者非概念性的身體狀態合作,五年來從中領會真正的跨領域並不是來自於對自身專業的掌握,而是來自於對專業的棄守;因為只有棄守才能知道另一領域真實的弱項,棄守是時間與信仰的蹉跎,在此時光歲月裡也因“退”而形成領域“融”。
Solar Site Dance Theatre works in a cross-disciplinary way to discover new possibilities, and tries to deliver a new realization or viewpoint toward the way of the company’s works. Since 2013, Pan, a visual artist, has been working with dancers, which is like collaborations of abstract and concrete materials: a visual artist ‘s conceptual idea and dancers’ real body. They find out it is all about reaching out and accepting the unknown, not stay in your own circle. Only through accepting the unknown, one can truly realize the weakness of it. After the practice of time and faith, one step back makes two blends into one.
English and Chinese
Sept 1 09:30am – 10:30am S06 INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL DANCE CULTURE Reza Mukhlis Sukmana, Restu Andri Setiyanto (Indonesia) The traditional dance of Indonesia reflects the countries diversity of ethnicities and cultures. There are more than 700 ethnic groups in Indonesia. Each ethnic group has their own dance, makes total dance in Indonesia are more than 3000 Indonesian original dance. English
10:30am – 11:30am S07 DANCING SCULPTURES: ODISSI AND ORISSAN ARCHITECTURE Ashwarya Samkaria (India) Does dance exist in isolation or does the dancing body take inspiration from its surroundings? The talk explores the influence of Orissan architecture on Odissi, an influence clearly visible in the sculpturesque quality of Odissi dance. Odissi’s origins lie in Orissa’s temples (Lingaraj, Konark, Jagannath) and caves (Khandagiri, Udayagiri, Rani Gumpha). The stone carvings are archaeological proofs of the presence of the performing arts in the society of those times. The temple and cave sculptures emerged as points of reference for Gurus who (re)created them in a beautiful classical dance form – Odissi. Indeed, Odissi dance is stone set to movement. English

***CODE S01 – S07

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