SMK Yu Hua Kajang Cultural Club Dance Group, Malaysia

SMK Yu Hua Kajang Cultural Club Dance Group

Yu Hua Secondary School Cultural Club Dance Group was established in 1991 which providing students with cultural and recreational activities after school hours. Dance is one of the major programme of the school co-curriculum to explore the talent of students in performing arts both Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Dance forms. Through the learning, dance technique and performing process, the students will enrich their dancing skills and experience in dance.

Yu Hua Secondary School Cultural Club Dance Group is a multiple award winning dance group well known for their exquisite blending of traditional and contemporary multiple Malaysia culture in their dance performances. The Dance group has established an impressive track record of artistic excellence and innovative presentations achievement in the past twenty five years. The dance group continues to carve a distinctive niches as one of the most creative and versatile performing group on the Malaysia dance scene.
加影育华中学文娱协会舞蹈组成立于一九九一年,是校内活跃的表演艺术团队。舞蹈组其创团的宗旨是强调发掘学生的表演艺术才华与弘扬优秀的中华传统文化,向 学生介绍及学习马来西亚各族多元文化遗产。在学习、表演和交流的活动过程中,激发了学生对各族传统文化的认识、了解和体验;以积极的生活态度达至德、智、 群、体、美、劳六育的教育主体观念。


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