2014 Dance Concert Ticket Outlets

18 groups will be performed in the 3-night Dance Concert. The 3-night program are different. 18来自海内外舞蹈团将呈献3个晚上的舞蹈节目,3个晚上的节目,都不一样。 Dance Concert Ticket Outlets: 1. 拉让书局 Tel: 084-313036 2. Payung Café 20F Lanang Road, Sibu Behind Kingwood Hotel Tel: 016 890 6061 3. Wen Hua Bookstore 文华书局 No. 8, 1-3rd Floor, Rammin Way, Sibu Tel: 084-333140 4. Sugarbun (Jalan […]


SIDF 2014 Early Birds Booking

Sibu International Dance Festival 2014 Early Birds Booking!!!!! 17/4/2014-30/4/2014诗巫国际舞蹈节 舞蹈晚会 入场券大促销!!!!! 17/4/2014-30/4/2014Tiket Konsert Untuk Pembelian Awal!!!!! 17/4/2014-30/4/2014


More Groups Joining SIDF 2014

Here are another groups will be performing in SIDF 2014……come and take a look…… 这是另一批参加《2014年诗巫国际舞蹈节》的队伍照片……你知道他们来自哪里吗? Berikut adalah kumpulan tarian yang akan membuat persembahan dalam SIDF 2014 …… Adakah anda tahu mereka datang dari Negara mana ?  


Groups Joining SIDF 2014

More dance groups will be performing in SIDF 2014……do you know who they are? See and guess you get the correct answer….. 更多前来参加诗巫国际舞蹈节的队伍照片来咯……你认得出他们来自哪里吗?……赶快来猜一猜..…. Lebih banyak kumpulan tarian akan membuat persembahan dalam SIDF 2014 …… Adakah anda tahu mereka? Lihat dan meneka untuk mendapat jawapan yang betul …..          


Who will perform in SIDF 2014?

Groups will be performing in SIDF 2014……do you know who are them? Answer will be released soon 这些是2014诗巫国际舞蹈节表演队伍,你知道他们来自哪里吗?………名单即将公布…… Kumpulan yang akan membuat persembahan pada SIDF 2014……Adakan anda tahu mereka? Jawapan akan diumumkan tidak lama lagi….. More photos will be putting on …….



VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM Each year, the Sibu International Dance Festival engages more than 50 supporters throughout our community to assist as volunteers. These committed individuals perform a variety of helpful tasks, including ticketing, brochure/poster distribution, ushering, artist/patron hospitality, production assistance and much more. Our organization would not be what it is today without a strong […]

SIDF 2014 Final Leavelet

SIDF 2014

Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF) will be happened in Sibu again. Hornland Dance Theatre is proudly to present the 3rd edition of the festival with the support of Sibu Municipal Council, Sarawak, Malaysia. Contact: Address: No.46, 3rd floor, Lane 1 Lanang Road, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.   Telephone: 006 084 349932 or +6 016 893 […]


Dance Workshop

The Dance Workshop specifically caters to dance lovers.  It is a place where “It’s never too late to start something new”. It is where those that love dance can come together to celebrate dance whether as an absolute beginner, or a seasoned dance. Date: August 16 2013 2pm – 4 pm Venue: RH Hotel, Sibu, […]